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Ojooo is the latest site I'm trying and it's paying pretty well
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Instagc is probably my favorite site that I am currently using. You can withdraw your points as severely different vouchers, I mainly take mine in amazon vouchers as you can claim from as little as £1 worth. The transaction is simple and fast (takes less than 2 mins to claim and receive). I have currently earned over £50 in amazon vouchers in less than 2 months with very little effort. More to be made if you have the time and patience. There are loads of ways to earn points with daily tasks and new videos coming on every couple of hours. I mainly just watch all the videos and one click websites twice a day which is seeing my point balance climb steadily every day, I'm only a few points from getting my next £25 voucher. 
Very easy simple sign up (takes 2 mins) and your in your way to making money for free 


Gifthulk is another great site I use to earn.  You can earn what they call hulkcoins by doing searches, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys.  There is also a game you can play daily called “Guess the Card” where you can win coins,  or Treasure codes to share with your friends.
swag bucks is my 2nd favorite site to use, endless amounts of videos that you can rack up the bucks with if your willing to put the time in, earn points from searching and taking surveys and more. I earned a £5 amazon voucher within the 1st few hours. You 
can claim paypal money and more if you wish. Claims can take up to 30 days to process but they do 
get there eventually. The video library is vast (easily over 3000+ videos) which you can watch daily, I
have never ran out of videos to watch in one day so the points are endless if your willing to get them. You can also get points for searching the web

Points2shop is 3rd on my favorites list, you can still get vouchers but they are mailed instead of emailed which can take up to 30 days to arrive through your door, alternatively you can use 
your points to buy stuff straight through amazon via the points2shop site, all legit as I have received 3 £10 amazon vouchers and a few bits and bobs I wanted off amazon.